December 3, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
4520 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
6026017200 ext 4

Small business today – an empire tomorrow!

We may not all want an empire, but what IS your vision for your business?

As you know, planning is a necessary process for all business owners to take on. It encourages bolder and more creative, yet strategic action that can result in better business financial outcomes.

Join our two expert speakers in our two-part Visionistas workshop. Designed for those who have been selling their products or services for at least one year, the workshop will focus on the “Four Ps of Marketing” (product, price, promotion, and placement) within an interactive envisioning process.  Participants will emerge with a strategy that they can apply directly to their marketing plan to increase revenues, as well as a group of entrepreneurial friends with whom they can keep in touch with in the future.

Plan, envision and create your future!

**This is a two-part workshop, December 10th will be the second part of this workshop. We break down the 4 Ps of marketing in two sections, so you understand each piece of how it works. We will focus a lot on pricing yourself as well**

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